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New Products

Well, it took a while, but we FINALLY got everything unpacked from our Northern India container! We were there in October, so it's taken a while, but well worth it! We discovered some incredible suppliers and can't wait for you to see the...
m! Here's some beautiful magnifiers from our supplier, Nadeem, who works with brass and aluminum, creating nautical inspired instruments and home decor. Each handle of these magnifiers are an actual shell- all of which can be found in Hawaiian waters (but we would never harvest from here, so we go to sustainable places instead). This is only a PREVIEW of what we have! Keep looking!

Couldn't resist it! Here's is another item from our Northern India supplier, Nadeem- real water buffalo bone (don't worry, no buffalo were harmed- they just use every single part once it's time for them to go to that better place...) comprise the handles, and there's more with different handles and sizes! Marley then named each one after characters from The Pirates of the Caribbean. This one she named "The Will Turner", and chose it especially as our gift to Poppa (the kids’ dad's father in Wisconsin- my parents are in Colorado!) for his birthday just this last week. He said he loved it!